February 16, 2009

The Unending Path

Whad up everyone..
I hope that you all have had a great day. Mine was surprisingly good.... for a Monday. Like Garfield, most of the time I hate Mondays. It usually signifies the end of the weekend and back to the grind of work and dealing with annoying and loud co-workers (and customers).

So anyway, I was in The Village the other week because I felt like taking a walk to clear my head. I had seen this path before and have passed it plenty of times, I just never went to find out where it went to. To tell the truth I still don't know, lol! I dragged my Beloved along with me and we noticed that there was a sign letting people know that the path was closed from dusk till dawn and there was a big ole fence that was able to be closed and locked. It was already getting dark by the time we started walking & I didn't want to be locked away in the woods so we didn't travel very far, but we did find another 'road less traveled' back in there! I love exploring the woods so I was excited about that. But that's to explore for another time... in the daylight!

In the picture above is the heart of The Village. It doesn't look very exciting in this picture, but they have a few cafes, clothing stores, antique & decor stores, an art gallery, and THE cutest store called 'The Cranky Princess'! I like it here, its a nice area, I do wish there were more stores though. These pictures probably make it look like I live in a very small town, but I don't. This is just the historic part of a big city. Well I will bid you farewell because it's my bed time. Ciao!

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