February 6, 2009

Out on the Corner

Every year I see these guys (or girls) holding these large signs for some store going out of business. Some just stand there like this guy and have that angry bored look or they have smaller signs that they twirl and do tricks with. Now the ones who twirl look like they are having more fun, but they still have that bored look.
I've come to a decision that that has got to be one of the worst and most boring jobs to ever have! Could you imagine having to stand out there for 8 hrs a day?! (or however long they have to stand out there) I always feel sorry for them whenever I see them. A lot of times it will be either very cold or very hot and I know that has to be stressful. My question is do these signs that they hold really help the businesses that have them pimped out on the corner? I hope its worth it to stand out there and get paid and I hope they are getting paid well.

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