February 5, 2009

Flying across the City

Greetings All!

Its another day another dollar made. I took this picture on my way to work. And yes of course it was while I was driving! Dangerous I know, but it couldnt be helped.. I had to get the shot. I was trying to be somewhat safe though.. If you will notice I was quite a bit a ways away from the car in front of me.. :p
This is the best part of my drive to work. Gotta love being able to see the skyline in your travels. Surprisingly enough traffic wasn't bad today. Normally it takes me 45 min to an hour to get to work for a trip that should only take 25 mins.... Which is highly aggravating, but what can you do but grin and bare it? I won't lie... I do have road rage most days (secretly I think its kinda fun). But I can't stand inconsiderate drivers. They make me want to pull my hair out.
I know you've seen it.. Someone will be right in front of you in your lane and you're just trying to make your way along to your destination and quickly might I add.. and then the next thing you know the car in front of you is slowing down for no other reason than to hold up traffic for the next 5 miles just so that they can wait until someone else is kind enough to let them over into the next lane. If this is you that I'm talking about, please PLEASE learn how to merge in with traffic. Here's how to do it.. Turn on your signal Before you actually need to get over. Next, actually look next to you and further ahead to see where there is a break in traffic. Most importantly............ Do Not Slow Down!!!!!! Once you have spyed your entrance get over into your needed lane and get out of the way of everyone else. Ta-Da!
Do you also have road rage? Let me know and we can laugh about it together. LOL. Speaking of which.. My best friend once knew a guy who said that while he was in traffic, this guy cut him off and sped off, right? So he catches up to the guy who cut him off and then he proceeds to throw an open bottle of bleach... BLEACH!! into the guys car who cut him off! Now my question is, who just has a random bottle of bleach in their car? AND, who really has enough aim to throw an open bottle of bleach out of their car into the next car while driving?? I know I don't..
So again share your stories with me and you'll hear from me tomorrow. Ciao!

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