February 10, 2009

Cute but Very Deadly

When I moved into my apartment I suddenly became a fan of cats. It seemed like there were at least 6 stray cats around at all times which I didn't mind, simply because they never tried to jump on me or come into my home. There is this one cat that always hangs around in our breeze way because people feed her and then one day 2 little of the cutest kittens seemed to appear!So me and my Beloved felt sorry for the babies and Momma so we fed them every so often and we even made them a little sleeping area on our patio for them. I mean look at them!! They are SUCH cuties!!
Then one evening I was just minding my own business and I was going out to my car to retrieve my GPS right? Then what do my eyes see, but an actual cat fight right in front of my car on the drivers side of course!!! Two grown cats that I had never even seen around the neighborhood before had each other by the neck and one was making this horrible meow growling noise. It looked and sounded gross.... And to top it all off one of the cats had lost a lot of fur. :::shudders::: I had to stomp my foot of the ground to scare them off. I was at least 50 feet away when I did this but, thank GOD it worked!! So they scampered away and everything was kosher, right?
WRONG!!! The next morning the fur was still laying around outside which reminded me of the fight. So as me and my Beloved were walking to the car to go to the store, Momma and the babies were walking around near us like they normally do and then I started to mimic the meow growling sound that the cats had made in the fight.
That was a HUGE mistake that I will never EVVVVVVVVVVVVER make again, because the next thing I knew Momma had jumped on my jean clad leg and was digging her nasty little claws into!!!!! Do I have to tell you that I yelled out a very loud obscenity? So out of fear and supreme angry I kicked my leg out so as to shake the damn monster off. Then after she flew off she wanted to stand there looking at me like, 'What?? You the one who made the noise stupid!'
So now I have seven..... yes seven lovely scars from that little adventure. Are you wondering why I don't have a picture of Momma? Yeah well, I'm not going anywhere near that cat again! Can you blame me though? You see I took a picture of the babies through the screen, right? So yes I'm ok and the scars are healing nicely and Momma is I swear stalking me! Wish me luck, for I fear for my life! LOL.

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