February 28, 2009

Little 5 Points

Whad up folks,
I hope that everyone is having a good weekend. I know that mine is quite comical. This week I went down to Little 5 Points.
I love this area, because you can go out looking like a 'freak' and totally fit in. You could step out your house sporting a top hat, a basketball jersey with some gold tights and a tutu to match and no one would pay you any mind. I have yet to go to this 'bar & grill' called The Vortex. It looks a little intimidating don't you think?

I like seeing all the different styles that people wear while they are there shopping. And it amazes me how a lot of the girls that are down there are walkin around in heels.. very high heels at that! I love a cute heel just like the next woman, but I'm not about crippling my feet to walk around looking fabulous for all of 5 minutes just to be limping and leaning for the rest of the time I'm shopping. No Deals!
See that guy sitting there on the window sill? Well he looked 'normal' at first, but he just turned out to be another beggar. That is the only draw back to being in this area. The beggars. Do you think that it's true that they make more in a day begging than most people do who are fortunate enough to work right now?

It's a very arty area and I think that's truly was I like it so much. A lot of people who own the shops there boast that everything is handmade by them and their families. I saw one vendor making earrings while I was in store. Me being an artist myself I want to support other artist who are out there really trying to make it living the 'starving artist' life. One guy was just standing out near the Mosaic above of the guy with the guitar cutting and shaping what looked like copper to make jewelry. That takes some balls, just to be out on the street like that trying to sell your work. ^5.

There are also just some plan ole unique (more like odd) stores in the area. One being this one called Junkman's Daughter. When I was reading around this store on the internet I thought it was going to be like a really kool thrift shop or something hip like Spencers. But no.. it was more weed head-ish/goth in there. I felt like a total square, being in there since I don't mess wit da drugs nor am I into dressing goth. Funny thing.. a lot of the shops had a 'back room' for the mature. Basically the weed room! Of course they didn't sell weed, just all of the toys and accessories that someone would need to get high, high, hiiiiiigh.

Check out this spaceship hanging out of the building. It has an alien or two to complete the package. How kool is that? And I'm just now noticing the little eyes below the ship! Ok, well I need a nap now. Ciao!

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