February 15, 2009

New Projects

What's up folks.
This is my new soon to be painting. I drew this a few years back and now I've been requested to make it into a glorious piece of artwork. I'm excited to start on it, but I'm also quite apprehensive about it as well. It's gonna be a big project and it's gonna take quite a long time to finish it because of all the detail work. If you can't tell what it is, there is a very large sun with clouds swirling around in the sky and then there are tall buildings or skyscrapers at the bottom.

I currently have to wait to start this project due to lack of supplies. :( The only thing I really need is the canvas. I would really like to do it on 24 x 36, but that will depend on the person who I'm doing the painting for. In the mean time I will probably work on a different project. I know that I'll have to make myself do it, because I always put other things I need to do first. Laundry.. cleaning the kitchen... consoling friends... spending time with my Beloved... paying bills... I'll just have to fit it in when I'm watching tv or something. Just maybe I'll start something right now after I finish this post! :) I guess you will find out later now won't you.

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