February 24, 2009

New York or Bust part II

Evening everyone..
While in New York I stayed in Brooklyn. BedStuy Do or Die!!! Have you noticed that a lot of famous people are from BedStuy? What's that about? Maybe it's something in the water that makes people extraordinary.. lol Anyhoo, you gotta love the Brooklyn Bridge. It emits strength. And when your leaving Brooklyn there is a cute sign hanging on the bridge that says 'Oy Vey! Your leaving Brooklyn.' I had to give a chuckle when I saw it.

I also like the way the apartments look in NYC. You don't really see these type of buildings in the South unless its a condo. I know that if I lived in The City I would have a hard time finding peoples apartments. For example, these apartments are right above a store. (Or what used to be a store) And there is a nondescript door that looks like it leads into some creepy abandoned hole in the wall. I'm like, how do you know if the door leads to the apartments or some condemned storefront? Looks a little seedy to me, but I guess that's all apart of the magic of The City.

Speaking of apartments a lot of people (and businesses) had Obama pictures and posters hanging in the windows and on the walls. Yay for Obama!

Have you ever noticed how New Yorkers love their Dunkin Donuts? I'm not just talking about NYC I'm talking all of NY. They're just like Starbucks, they're on every freaking corner. Personally I like Krispy Kreme donuts better, but you can't sleep on DD either! And how cute is that coffee cup that sits on the awning?
Aww, I can't wait to go back! I really want to have a chance to walk around and shop some more. Especially in China Town (bootleg city). So anyway, that's all folks. Ciao!

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